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Testimonials from Sirius Pet Sitting Clients!

Arvada - Northglenn - Thornton - Golden - NW Denver
 Broomfield - Wheat Ridge - Westminster - CO

We were very happy with the service and personal care that was provided for our "elderly" cat Elsie. Mickey was very accommodating when we had to leave town on short notice. Elsie generally doesn't care for strangers but came to Mickey right away. I think he's the "cat whisperer"! We use Sirius every time we need pet sitting.

John & Marla B.


We didn't want to leave our Poms with just anybody, but after talking to Mickey I felt completely at ease having him take care of our girls. He was extremely conscientious, caring and the girls loved him! When we need a pet sitter, we will call Sirius Pet Care again.

Mary A.

Westminster CO.

Dear Sirius Pet Care,

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for taking care of my dogs. 
 I will be sure to refer you to my friends and family if they are in need of a pet sitter.

 Lynn E.
 Wheat Ridge CO.

I first called Mickey because I needed help with my Husky-Malamute Ramble. Ramble had nasal cancer and was on an oral steroid called Prednisone to help with the inflammation in his sinus which resulted in frequent urination. Ramble could not make it through the day anymore so I needed someone to come to my house and let him out while I was at work. I called Mickey and discussed my issue with him. He was very understanding of my needs and helpful. He made the process smooth and efficient and was very organized and asked lots of questions regarding Ramble and his care. I was most amazed how quickly Ramble took to Mickey when he first came out to meet us. Ramble was not very tolerant of others as his health failed, but they hit it off well and seemed to build quite a bond over the month or so of daily visits. Ramble has since passed but now I have 2 other dogs named Jimi and Rockies. I still used Sirius Pet Care to help care for my dogs when I was on vacation or was working late, especially when they were puppies.  I have since moved from Arvada to Idaho Springs but would strongly recommend Sirius Pet Care to any pet owner. They are reliable, professional, and most of all, kind to my animals.

Randall J Rogers, EA
Bighorn Business Services, Inc

Mickey took care of all our our creatures (we have 9 assorted pets), and I can't say enough about the wonderful job he did. In addition to the great care he gave our pets, he even worked with our dogs so when we came home they were both better behaved on their leashes! In addition, a storm came through when we were gone which knocked open our back doors. If Mickey hadn't been caring for our animals in our home, the doors would have been open for days (Mickey also cleaned up the leaves and branches that had blown into the house). I would absolutely recommend Mickey and Sirius Pet Care!!?

Amy M. 
Arvada, Colorado

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